Shayne Carter | I Know Not Where I Stand

Please email me if you would like to see this video, and I will send you a password.


When Shayne Carter approached Kezia Barnett to make a film to accompany his mesmerising single ‘I know not where I stand’, together they decided to make a haunting and visually disorienting piece of work.

Lit with only two projectors and a light bulb, the video features in-camera kaleidoscopic effects, with projector texture overlaid on both Shayne and dancer, edit and colour playing their part in the final hypnotic, psychedelic-inflected film.

Shayne appears fragmented through mirrors, backlight and moody, and, as ever, with that elusive cool.

Sophie McIntosh’s dance lyrically embodies grief. Her sharp pointe heightens the powerful piano.

Thanks to NZ on Air for their support. And thanks to the top-notch crew for their time, energy and artistry. NZ music videos are only possible because of such generosity.



Directed by Kezia Barnett