‘Sweet As Candy’ at FILM CAFE, International Film Festival Auckland

The Auckland office of The Film Archive has been invited to contribute to this year’s Film Cafe as part of the International Film Festival in the Wintergarden of the Civic Theatre, Auckland.

This year the Film Cafe is being organized by the Show Me Shorts Festival and will have screenings, talks, and presentations that will take place at the Wintergarden over the course of the Film Festival July 14 – 31, 2011.

The Film Archive has decided to select 1 short film from each year of the Film Archive’s existence from 1981 – 2011. From the twenty first year of the Archive’s collection my film SWEET AS CANDY represents 2003.

The total of 30 short films will be authored onto a DVD from which the public can select individual items at two separate viewing stations. The idea behind the Film Cafe is to create discussion around film and the history and importance of short films in New Zealand’s filmmaking culture. All access and use will be free of charge to the public.


Link to the Film Archive’s programme.