Creating unique & cinematic worlds for over twenty years KEZIA has shot all over the world. A curious eye, keen imagination and cinematic storytelling adds a certain magic to her films.

KEZIA has an eye for detail and loves conceptual riffing, solving a technical challenge, creating delicious visuals, adding a dash of choreography and developing ideas and narratives.

She has won numerous awards including: Golds at the Asia Pacific Advertising Festival, D&AD, The One Show and AWARD, and been a Cannes Lions Finalist. KEZIA’s most recent short, ‘Nurse Me’, screened at many international festivals, including BAFTA qualifying Aesthetica in the UK and OSCAR accredited HollyShorts Film Festival in Hollywood. The film has been acquired by Rialto Channel, Air New Zealand and Shorts International.

Originally from seaside Devonport, New Zealand, KEZIA holds a degree from Elam School of Fine Arts, Auckland University. 


Galaxy is directing duo Kezia Barnett with long time collaborator  director/choreographer Alyx Duncan.

Based in New Zealand

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